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Received 11/25/19

Good morning.

I recently partnered with your Staff (Robert Swain and Wendy) in the Crystal River, FL store.  They assisted me in a whole house, car, and motorcycle donation. Wendy and Bob were amazing!  They were professional, courteous, friendly, and compassionate.  This effort for the whole house donation was a massive project, one that they were able to complete in a week or two.  I live in Missouri and there was no way I could have done this (both physically and emotionally) as efficiently as your staff. 

My mother, whose house was donated, donated her time to helping Habitat for Humanity.  She volunteered at the Inverness store.  I know she would have appreciated that her beloved possessions are now helping others within the community.

Again, the service you offered was truly a blessing - as are Wendy and Bob.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


June 5, 2019

Want to send a quick email to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with Wendy, Bob and the movers from the Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County.  We sold a house on the Withlacoochee River a few weeks ago and chose habitat to donate some furniture and items in the house.  Talked several times to Bob on the phone and set up a date to meet me at the house.  He and Wendy came twice and were always on time and so pleasant and easy to talk to.  They left the house in clean, excellent shape with everything taken quickly and easily.  I hope our donations will help build some wonderful homes!

Andrea Green

April 18, 2019

Dear Mr. Rusaw,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how special Bob and Wendy are. They came into my mom’s life when she was at her lowest point. Bob and Wendy are very caring people and helped us over this hurdle. They spared us the burden of watching my mom’s possessions removed from the house. I’m so thankful for meeting them both and the help that they gave us.  We know that someone else will benefit from my mom’s donations. Keep up the good work.


Donna DeGroot

 Received April 10, 2019 

Dear Mr. Rusaw;

Just a short note to tell you what a great job Bob Swain and his team did for us during March of this year.  My wife and I sold our home and because we were moving to a furnished home up North, we had many donations to go to Habitat For Humanity. 

One call to Bob and he explained the process of picking up donations and cataloging what was donated.  He and his team made several trips to our home as we went thru the process of deciding what to pack and what to donate. Everything went very smoothly we were glad to see that our donations were selling in the store.

 We were more than happy to be donating to such a well-organized and run charity.  Your organization did exceptional job in all respects.

 Many thanks......

 Tim & Kay Martin, Andover, NY

Received February 1, 2019

Dear George,

We recently used your Habitat for Humanity to clean out my mother-in-laws house. She passed away on November 1st. There was never any thought of donating to any other organization but yours as we have heard so many good things you do for the community. The crew that Bob brought with him were outstanding. I never saw anyone work so efficiently and effectively. I tried to do a few things and they said "mam, please just sit and relax, we will do everything". They were very respectful and very careful taking care when loading the trucks. Thank you all very much.  Kathy & Paul Gianferrara

Received August 1, 2018

Dear Sir,

My husband James passed away May 18, 2018 and afterwards I was suddenly confronted with many decisions. Among them the need for downsizing. Sold my home in Meadowcrest very quickly and had plans to move to New Jersey to be nearer to my family. I saw an ad in the Chronicle and called Habitat for Humanity. Robert Swain answered my call, set up an appointment then came and made a tour of my villa all the while taking pictures. Monday, May 14, Wendy Malik came with the crew and quickly and efficiently removed all the items we had tagged or designated for pickup. My daughters were very impressed by their efficiency, always checking to make sure they took only what was tagged or mentioned on the first tour. Both daughters commented that their knowledge of the organization was limited to building homes in the Tri State area. They were very surprised to see the contents and variety of items in the Crystal River ReStore and the good condition and presentation of such items. Sincerely, Maureen M. Grossman

Received January 22, 2018

Dear Mr. Rusaw,

I would like to let you know what a fabulous job the workers, Robert Swain and Wendy Malik, from Habitat did at my house. From the first walk through to the final clean out, they were organized, professional, thoughtful, punctual and very courteous. They put me at ease and were so helpful. There was so much packing to be done and they did it all. I have dealt with other organizations and can tell you that Habitat will be the only one from now on. That is due to Robert and Wendy.


Merry Hansen

Received: Friday, June 24, 2016

Mr. Rusaw,

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I was to work with Bob Swain and his crew.  Bob was a delight to speak with on the phone, when he came out to see what would be donated and the crew that came with him were strong, fast and very polite.  I can’t think of anything that could be done to do a better job.  It was a very hot day, but that didn’t seem to slow them down.  I appreciate their help in removing the furnishings of the house and hope the items will be of help.  The work Habitat for Humanity does is a great service and we appreciate your hard work.


J Chumley

On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 7:01 PM

Good afternoon, Mr. Rusaw,

I am writing to you to express my family's sincere thanks and appreciation for ALL the efforts of Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County!  My mother-in-law passed away in Beverly Hills in late April and we live in Illinois. We arrived in town and began the final arrangements.  As we did not intend to keep the home, we had a big problem ahead of us - what to do with all her belongings?  She had a flair for decorating and had many decorative items on the walls, lots of wonderful furniture in very good condition and just a lot of "life items!"  Well, a neighbor told us about the clear out service offered by Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County and we immediately put in a call to Bob Swain.  As we were only in town for a few days, Bob was able to fit in our meeting and they came to review the belongings and items in the house.  Bob is a great person, warm, and he made us feel as if this was a very "doable" project.  We were very relieved to have this avenue available to us as we could not afford to ship any belongings back to Illinois and just did not know what we were going to do with it all.  

 I know it took Bob and his crew at least two days to get the house cleared out and I know they did a great job.  A short time later, we received in the mail a CD with pictures of all items along with a typed list of the items they picked up.  He even included a remote for a CD player that we had left behind.  

 This service was a real value to us - especially as we could not easily return to the home.  I am not sure what we would have done if we had not found Bob and his crew!  Thank you, thank you, for helping my family with this huge task!  It is a very valuable service to families.

If you need any further information or testimony on the service, feel free to email me back.  I wish you, Bob and Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County all the best!  Thank you again.

-L Hallberg


 Received April 15, 2016 From Nancy Granito

Recently I was given the monumental task of closing up my 93 year old mother-in-laws house in Inverness, Florida.  We needed to get rid of furniture as well as clothing, linens, kitchenware, etc. To say that she had accumulated a lot of stuff is an understatement.  I had no idea how to dispose any of the house contents. Since I live in New Jersey I didn't even know where to begin.  Habitat was recommended to me by our realtor who said they would accept the donations of the household items.

The first time I spoke with Bob Swayne I was greatly relieved that Habitat would take care of the whole process for me. He took the time to reassure me that Habitat would pack up and clean out the whole house.  He recommended that we go through the house for personal items that we would like to keep and ship up to New Jersey.  He told me that Habitats staff would pack and dispose any remaining items. 

I since had the pleasure of meeting with Bob Swain and Wendy Malik a couple of weeks ago when my son and I flew in to go over all the personal items in the home. Both of them reassured us that they would take care of everything and items I thought maybe garbage were useful for them as well.  So we were able to clear out all personal items in two days and Habitat as promised cleared out the remaining items for us.

I would like to express my appreciation for the work that they perform.  Without their help there would have been no way we would have been able to close up the house in two days. The amount of work it took for them to clear everything out I can't even begin to imagine.  The service provided is beyond anything I could imagine.  There are so many people like me that have to do the same thing I was tasked with and to know that Habitat can provide this service is invaluable.  Please let Bob and Wendy how much I appreciate what they did for us.


 Nancy Granito


November 25, 2015

from MAM Dunellon, FL

Dear Wendy & Bob

I am writing to say Thank You...!  Really it's more than just Thanks!  I am so amazed in this "day and age" ... that there are still those (like yourselves) that "say what they mean and mean what they say", integrity is  getting more sacred everyday.  Yet, with ya'll and your employees, there is not only integrity, but honesty, polite mannerly appropriate manners , decorum and etiquette, how refreshing and very much appreciated!   At the very Worst time in my life, ya'll were there, you kept me from "falling through the cracks", your action allowed me to regain some balance and move forward.

I would like to especially acknowledge the two gentleman that came to my home, treated me and my belongings with great respect.  Joe and Nathan, both were pleasant diligent, organized, they coordinated everything so efficiently, that it was a pleasure to have them in my home.  They worked well together, were extremely polite and helpful!

So, a simple Thank You will never be enough to communicate the benefit I received from ALL of you at Habitat for Humanity.  I tell all I meet, please donate time, money and/or items to this wonderful group!!!  Thank you again!




A Letter from a Satisfied Patron!

Dear Mr. Rusaw,

I would like to express great appreciation on behalf of my family for the help that we received from the Habitat/Restore staff in Crystal River. My sisters and I were moving my elderly parents out of their home in the Meadowcrest community. They had lived in their home for 21 years, and we were preparing to move them to Pennsylvania. Needless to say, we had to do a lot of sorting and dispensing of items! The Habitat staff members were so helpful to us. The telephone receptionists were friendly and helpful. Both Bob and Wendy were so very compassionate and responsive to our needs. They accommodated our schedules and were willing to make multiple trips to pick up our donations. My father has dementia, and Bob was especially sensitive and supportive of our situation. I hope that our donations will make a contribution to Habitat's efforts in the Citrus County area. I also will keep your organization in mind as a recipient should we need to designate memorial donations in the coming months or years. Again, I cannot say enough to thank you for your help.

Audrey Witman

Another happy patron of our “Total Clean-out Services”!

Dear Mr. Rusaw,
I want to take this time to make you aware of the experience my brother and I had with Habitat of Humanity in Crystal River, Florida. Our Mom, who lived in Crystal River, passed away recently and my brother and I needed to clean her home out for eventual sale. We were in Crystal River for a week and made contact with Habitat for Humanity there on Gulf to Lake Highway. During that week, Mr. Robert Swain and his associates visited the house twice between other stops on their busy schedule, filling their empty tubs with all types of household items and carrying them out to their truck. They worked tirelessly through the heat and humidity with no complaints and were very eager to perform their job. After my brother and I departed to our respective homes out of state, Mr. Swain coordinated the final house clean-out with our real estate agent, which included four fully furnished rooms, a furnished lanai, closet items and a great deal of tools and hardware-type items from the garage. After all items were removed from the house, the Habitat team then vacuumed and wiped down, leaving the place in immaculate shape. A comprehensive list of all items donated was provided, as well as a CD showing photos of the rooms before and after clean-out. We are extremely impressed and pleased with the service provided by Mr. Swain and his crew. They are obviously conscientious, hard workers and were very helpful and pleasant to us. My brother and I really did not have any idea how we would go about the business of preparing the house for sale, and we had a host of other things to do and think about as well. Habitat for Humanity took all the worry off of us and we felt all was in good, capable hands once things got started. On behalf of my brother and myself, I'd like to thank Habitat for Humanity in Crystal River for everything and for giving us the honor to donate. It has been a pleasure, and is a good feeling knowing the donations were made for an admirable cause. I would recommend Habitat to anyone who is looking to donate, and especially to those who need house clean-out service.

Richard DiMaggio














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