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  • Heavy objects should be placed on the bottom shelf. This prevents tipping over.
  • It is never acceptable to force an item into a customer's vehicle, even if they tell you to. Habitat does not want to be responsible for damage to a customer's vehicle.
  • Product must be stored at least 18 inches from sprinkler heads.
  • All spills, messes, etc. must be cleaned up immediately and caution signs placed out.
  • You must maintain 3 points of contact on a ladder. This can be 2 feet and 1 hand OR 1 foot and 2 hands.
  • Ensure you use proper lifting techniques: lift with your knees, not your back.
  • Always ensure you can comfortably handle the weight of an item before lifting that item.
  • The only person allowed to tie down a ReStore purchase to a vehicle is the customer who purchased it. ReStore staff or volunteers may not do so.
  • A volunteer can use dollies, hand truck and carts but NOT forklifts. You must have a license for a forklift.
  • Always keep the dock door shut when not in use. This helps prevent accidents.
  • Always lift with your legs, not your back. This is called the "Power Position"

  1. If the customer says it is alright, it is an acceptable loading practice to force an item into a vehicle to make it fit.

  2. Heavy objects should be placed

  3. Products must be stored at least

  4. When must spills be cleaned up and caution signs placed by Restore Staff

  5. How many points of contact (hands/feet combination to ladder) must be maintained when using a ladder?

  6. Utilizing proper lifting techniques include making sure you can comfortably handle the weight before lifting an item.

  7. Which of the following is the only person allowed to tie-down a purchase to a vehicle?

  8. All the following are acceptable equipment options for ANY ReStore staff member to utilize moving heavy items, EXCEPT:

  9. It is acceptable to leave the dock doors open when the dock is not in use loading or unloading a vehicle.

  10. Getting close to the item with feet shoulder width apart, bending at the knees while keeping back straight, and gripping the item securely are all steps in what is commonly called:

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